Calculate your cost-in-use savings and sustainable advantage

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Calculate your cost-in-use savings and sustainable advantage

The all-new r- range of Swep Pro mops and frames were created with the following in mind: taking the most advanced pre-prepared floor cleaning system and making it even better. The result is the new Swep class – perfection in performance, efficiency, ergonomics and an unparalleled cost-in-use and sustainability advantage.  

Efficient  double-sided cleaning, higher floor coverage due to optimized, symmetrical mop and frame sizes and perfected microfibers and mop structures that help you mop farther and faster– with unbeatable microfibre durability up to 1000 washes.  All these synchronized benefits lead to lower overall ownership costs and less use of natural resources, manpower and time

These cost-in-use and sustainable benefits have been achieved with giving up nothing.  To quantify the benefits, we have run detailed internal cost-in-use analyses and an external Life Cycle Analyses (LCA) and CO2 calculation on our new core r-range of Swep Pro mops.

We transferred the results into a simple to use calculator allowing you to measure the cost-in-use and sustainable advantage the new Swep class can bring to your business.